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Lone Pine Film History Museum
The Beverly and Jim Rogers Lone Pine Film History Museum’s, located at 701 South Main Street in Lone Pine, California, celebrates and preserves the diverse movie history of Lone Pine, Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra. 
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Lone Ranger Exhibit WELCOME TO LONE RANGER CANYON The Museum is now celebrating the 75th Anniversary
of the Lone Ranger's film premiere in
Republic's 1938 serial THE LONE RANGER  with an exciting exhbit of over 400 items.

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Where the Real West Becomes the Reel West  The Lone Pine Film History Museum is dedicated to preserving the Heritage and History of the Iconic "Cowboys," Men & Women” in American Western Film. Read the Full Story
Hopalong Cassidy One of the most important characters associated with Lone Pine is Clarence E. Mulford’s Hopalong Cassidy. On the page he was a hard drinking, tobacco chewing, rough talking character with a limp that made him “Hop-a-long.” Read the Full Story

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Much more than just quiet galleries - the museum is a lively, year-round festival of art, ...READ MORE

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Welcome to the Lone Pine Film History Museum

Explore, the museum's extensive collection of real movie costumes, movie cars, props, posters, and other memorabilia. This collection tells the story of filming in the area in and around Lone Pine from the early days of the Round Up to the modern blockbusters of today such as Iron Man. While you're here, don't forget to make the short trip up Whitney Portal Road and take the Self-Guided Tour of Movie Road and get a first hand look at real shooting locations of a great many motion pictures filmed in the beautiful Alabama Hills. You can download the Movie Road Self-Guided Tour booklet from BLM here.

Lone Ranger Exhibit


The Museum is now celebrating the 75th Anniversary
of the Lone Ranger's film premiere in
Republic's 1938 serial


with an exciting exhbit of over 400 items.

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Clayton Moore Bio

Fred Foy Bio
W/Dawn Moore, Clayton's Daughter,

by Mike Radich - October 2014

 Featuring a wide variety of memorabilia, the exhibit includes the musuem's Lone Ranager collection as well as many items on loan from actor, Bobby Blake and from the Dave Holland Estate, courtesy of Melody Holland Ogburn.

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Image © Classic Media, Inc

To view a comprehensive chronological timeline of the Lone Ranger
  - click image above

Lone Ranger TV Theme

TV Show intro "Lone Pine- Movie Road
Interview with Fred Foy


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