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Lone Pine Film History Museum
The Beverly and Jim Rogers Lone Pine Film History Museum’s, located at 701 South Main Street in Lone Pine, California, celebrates and preserves the diverse movie history of Lone Pine, Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra. 
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Lone Ranger Exhibit WELCOME TO LONE RANGER CANYON The Museum is now celebrating the 75th Anniversary
of the Lone Ranger's film premiere in
Republic's 1938 serial THE LONE RANGER  with an exciting exhbit of over 400 items.

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Where the Real West Becomes the Reel West  The Lone Pine Film History Museum is dedicated to preserving the Heritage and History of the Iconic "Cowboys," Men & Women” in American Western Film. Read the Full Story
Hopalong Cassidy One of the most important characters associated with Lone Pine is Clarence E. Mulford’s Hopalong Cassidy. On the page he was a hard drinking, tobacco chewing, rough talking character with a limp that made him “Hop-a-long.” Read the Full Story

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Welcome to the Lone Pine Film History Museum

Explore, the museum's extensive collection of real movie costumes, movie cars, props, posters, and other memorabilia. This collection tells the story of filming in the area in and around Lone Pine from the early days of the Round Up to the modern blockbusters of today such as Iron Man. While you're here, don't forget to make the short trip up Whitney Portal Road and take the Self-Guided Tour of Movie Road and get a first hand look at real shooting locations of a great many motion pictures filmed in the beautiful Alabama Hills. You can download the Movie Road Self-Guided Tour booklet from BLM here.


June 7th - Jazz Comes West

Experience classical jazz and a love of cowboy heritage

with a New York posse of America’s leading jazz performers:




  Hassan Shakur Bass
  Jeff Hamilton Drums

    and Special Guest - Frank Vignola Guitar
and a Special Tribute to America’s  Last “Singing Cowboy”

The Bronze Buckaroo –
at 100 Years! Herb Jeffries

Featuring Vocalist Allan Harris
Click Names for Bios 

Listen to these Jazz Greats 

 Alexander   Shakur   Hamilton   Vignola   Harris 

Rex_on_Stage_06_02_2013_RWS_200 Piano_2 Dinner_2__200JG
Rex_on_Stage_3__06_02_2013_RWS200 Piano_1 Stage_PP_200

Lone Ranger Canyon


Saturday  June 7th, 2014

Every June, the magnificent Lone Ranger Canyon, located in the Alabama Hills, is transformed into an “under the stars” venue for hosting the annual Lone Pine – “Concert in the Rocks.” The evening begins with a welcoming reception in the museum for annual members. Following the reception, members and other attendees are transported to the Alabama Hills for a country steak dinner preceding the show. 

When the entertainment starts, the evening sky is displaying early stars and the setting sun’s shadows are long on the canyon-floor as the discreetly hidden lights create unique and mysterious shadows on the canyon walls. Master of Ceremonies  for the evening - Larry Maurice

boot_ImageCocktail reception for Lone Pine Film History Museum Members 4:30

boot_ImageShuttle bus starts at 5.00 from the museum. (members and other attendees)

boot_ImageSit down dinner of Steak plus vegetarian option begins at 6:00

boot_ImagePay bar (wine, beer, sprits)

boot_ImageWater and soft drinks provided

boot_ImageConcert commences at dusk

boot_ImageReturn shuttle around 9:00 pm after the concert ends

per person


Please note; Concert Ticket purchases are FINAL. There are NO refunds

Staying the Night
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History of Lone Ranger Canyon

While details differ, the basic story of the origin of the Lone Ranger is the same in most versions of the franchise. Six Texas Rangers are drawn into a remote canyon and ambushed by a band of outlaws led by Bartholomew "Butch" Cavendish. All are left for dead.

Later, a young Indian named Tonto stumbles on the scene and recognizes the lone survivor, Ranger Reid (whose first name was never given), as the man who had saved his life at some time in the past. He nurses Reid back to health after digging six graves for Reid's comrades, so that Cavendish will think there were no survivors, forgetting that Cavendish thought he had killed seven men in that canyon, including the traitorous scout who led the Rangers into the trap. Among them is Reid's brother, Captain Daniel Reid, who is a Captain of the Texas Rangers. Tonto fashions a black Domino mask using material from Captain Reid's vest to conceal the Lone Ranger's identity. Even after the Cavendish gang is brought to justice, Reid continues to fight for law and order against evil and crime under the guise of the Lone Ranger.

Yes, Kimosabes, that ambush happened in The Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, California, in what is now called Lone Ranger Canyon. Each year, the Lone Pine community and Lone Pine Film History Museum pay tribute to the heritage of the canyon’s history by transforming the dramatic canyon into a magical entertainment venue under the Eastern Sierra stars.



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The Lone Pine Film History Museum Celebrates
             The 75th Anniversary of the Republic Pictures’ Serial
Lone Ranger
Museum features over 400 items including classic, posters, collectibles and other memorabilia
Museum Publishing Group releases new book
Who Was That Masked Man? The Story of the Lone Ranger" by David Rothel
Chronicles the creation and development of the Lone Ranger during the Depression years of the early 1930s on radio and in novels, comic strips and two movie serials.



Lone Pine Film History Museum pays homage to industry
The Coast News

May 24, 2013




November 5, 2012  Edition


The Soul of Django Unchained
Examining the cinematic roots of Quentin Tarantino’s Western.

Silver Screen Heroes A poem by Larry Maurice


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Valentines Day - A Touch of France

Valentines Day - A Touch of France

La France arrive à la Sierra-Orient sur la Saint Valentin France comes to the Eastern Sierra on Valentines Day  Join us,  Friday February 14 when The Lone Pine Film History Museum becomes Le Cafe de Lone Pine on the 701 Rue Principale Enjoy a romantic Sierra evening and the culinary tastes of French haute cuisine from our own French Chef,

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Arches of the Alabamas

Arches of the Alabamas

The Alabama Hills are found just to the west of the small town of Lone Pine, California. Most people would agree that they exhibit an extraordinary beauty with unique rock formations, stunning skylines, and the backdrop of the majestic High Sierras. It is no wonder that the film industry has repeatedly chosen this location for so many movies. Howev
Cowboy Sidekicks

Cowboy Sidekicks

Cowboy Sidekicks        by David Rothel (Author) Those Great Cowboy Sidekicks is an in-depth examination of such fondly remembered comic character actors as George "Gabby" Hayes,Smiley Burnette, Andy Devine, Al "Fuzzy" St. John, Pat Buttram, and many other sidekicks of the B Westerns-thirty-nine in all! Much of Those Great Cowboy Sidekicks
Lone Pine in the Movies: Where the Real West Becomes the Reel We

Lone Pine in the Movies: Where the Real West Becomes the Reel We

Like its predecessors, the 2013 edition of Lone Pine in the Movies examines vintage films made in and around this sleepy little town nestled among the foothills of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the shadow of majestic Mount Whitney. This all-Westerns issue features a handful of in-depth articles, all profusely illustrated with portrai

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3 Godfathers

3 Godfathers

It's hardly shameful that The Three Godfathers ran
Hopalong Cassidy (four-Disc Collector's Edition)

Hopalong Cassidy (four-Disc Collector's Edition)

Travel back to the old west with these vintage cow
High Plains Drifter

High Plains Drifter

"Who are you?" the dwarf Mordecai (Billy Curtis) a
West of Nevada

West of Nevada

West of Nevada / Stormy Trails movie was released
A Star is Born (1937)

A Star is Born (1937)

Kino Classic -  Authorized edition from the estat
Gene Autry Nostalgia Collection

Gene Autry Nostalgia Collection

This DVD contains two classic Gene Autry films: Ri
The Violent Men

The Violent Men

Rudolphe Mat directs the western The Violent Men,
The Trail Beyond

The Trail Beyond

Loosely based on a story by pulp writer James Oliv

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